Release 2202

8 February 2022

[FEATURE] Scan export: Added filter columns in the Check details tab when exporting to Excel

[FEATURE] Check template: New Emergency Directive 22-02 - Apache Log4j

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-IC-0024-01: Do custom error pages exist to prevent info disclosure

[FEATURE] Check: New AT-AA-0077-01: Users with extens. rights for trusted connections (S_RFCACL)

[FEATURE] Check: New AT-AA-0078-01: Users authorized to access any OS file from any program

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-GC-0002-02: Are secinfo and reginfo files evaluated (2) > 7.40 kernel

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0051-01: Java pw: Password expiry in days

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0052-01: Java pw: Password history

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0053-01: Java pw: Password maximum idle time

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0054-01: Java pw: Maximum password length

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0055-01: Java pw: Impermissible passwords

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0056-01: Java pw: Nr of failed logon attempts before user is locked

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0057-01: Java pw: Password enforcement at logon

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0058-01: Java pw: Activation of the UME Superadmin

[FEATURE] Check template: Checks added in template 3: ABAP password policy (Protect4S best practice)

[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks

[FIX] System connection: Solved issue when SAPControl connection hostname exceeds 32 characters

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