Version 5.3

15 January 2021
[FEATURE] System context: New tab for HANA context for systems with a HANA database
[FEATURE] System context: SAPControl instances will only display the actual features
[FEATURE] System connection: HANA database connection has support for encrypted connection
[FEATURE] System connection: Java database schema is automatically determined
[FEATURE] System connection: SAPControl instances will only display the actual features
[FEATURE] Check: New EN-SS-0006-01: Is TLS 1.2 enforced clientside
[FEATURE] Check: New EN-SS-0007-01: Is TLS 1.2 enforced serverside
[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks
[FIX] Security notes: Improved engine to automatically implement SAP security notes
[FIX] Reports: Added the SAP system ID (SID) to the default search criteria for reports
[FIX] Connection map: Changed the RFC to retrieve the user roles for new NetWeaver systems
[FIX] Check execution: For Java and HANA the schema name was not always provided in a query
[FIX] System connection: MSS database connection error solved when port was provided
[FIX] Check: AU-DU-0005-02: The wrong connection type was used