Version 5.6

16 April 2021

[FEATURE] System: The system type BusinessObjects BI is supported

[FEATURE] Check template: New SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) for S4/HANA

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0050-01: The HANA secure store master encryption key must be changed

[FEATURE] Check: For all AT-AA-* checks an optional filter for user type and user name is added

[FEATURE] Report: In the scan result the change date time and user is displayed for the scan and template

[FEATURE] Report: In the scan export the change date and user is displayed for the scan and template

[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks

[FIX] Application: Change documents are also saved for created objects

[FIX] Application: Exclude clients is only visible for ABAP and Double stack

[FIX] Application: Fixed runtime error when no authorization for project application

[FIX] Scan export: Export to PDF sometimes inserted a blank page

[FIX] Report: Scan export text improvements

[FIX] Authorization: The Protect4S authorization roles have been improved

[FIX] Check: Update CF-DC-0011-01: Check result is set to undefined when the user has no authorization

[FIX] Check: Update CF-MC-0002-01: Information in message detail when the 128 chars limit is exceeded

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