Release 2305

9 May 2023

[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks

[FIX] Check: CF-CS-0004-01: Solved issue when repository name is longer than two characters

[FIX] Check: CF-DC-0008-01: Reading the Oracle home directory updated for new versions

[FIX] Check: PM-CC-0001-01: Increased the minimum/latest version

[FIX] Check: CF-WD-0008-01: Removed double space in the vulnerability text

[FIX] Check: CF-CS-0003-01: Added a SAP note in the references to check the latest release

[FIX] Check: PM-AP-0002-01: Fix for reading the SAPUI5 framework version

[FIX] Check: CF-DC-0025-01: Fix for retrieving the HANA version

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