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Version 5.4

11 February 2021
[FEATURE] System: The system type HANA standalone is supported
[FEATURE] Scan comparison: New option to display and export only the checks with a different result
[FEATURE] Connection: Added a link to the user guide when creating or changing a connection
[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks
[FIX] Report: Textual improvements to the scan statistics
[FIX] System: For Java systems the attribute system ID for mitigation has been removed
[FIX] Connection: Database connection for Java is set to mandatory
[FIX] Connection: The default port number for a Sybase database connection is set to 4901
[FIX] Connection: Removed the HANA explanation when changing other Java database type connection
[FIX] Product information: The certified logo's are added
[FIX] Check: Update CF-OS-0002-04: The text length was increased to display the full contents of the line
[FIX] Check: Update CO-PP-0012-01: Added reference to SAP help
[FIX] Authorization: The Protect4S satellite role for mitigation is improved for S/4HANA systems