Version 3.2.0

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CS-0001-01: Content Server remote administration setting
[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CS-0002-01: Content Server signature checking for custom repositories
[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CS-0003-01: Content Server version
[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CS-0004-01: Content Server communication security
[FEATURE] Report: The platform layer is provided in the scan export check list and details
[FEATURE] Report: The vulnerability type is provided in the scan export check list
[FIX] Check framework: Operating system can be determined without SAPControl context
[FIX] Check framework: Reading MSSQL whithout a database connection sometimes gives an error
[FIX] Report: The scan export risk history chart is now filtered on the scan like the application
[FIX] Report: Changed the icon for a check error to gray