Release 2302

14 February 2023

[FEATURE] System: The system type SAP Cloud Connector is supported

[FEATURE] System connection: Java connection can have URL parameters

[FEATURE] System connection: Database connection for DB2 can have additional parameters

[FEATURE] Scan export: Added a link in Excel from the check list to the check details

[FEATURE] Scan comparison: Option to display the check list as tree with group and subgroup

[FEATURE] Check: New AU-DU-0021-01: Is the default password changed for user Administrator

[FEATURE] Check: New AU-DU-0022-01: Is the default user Administrator present

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CC-0001-01: Is Cloud Connector authentication set to LDAP

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CC-0002-01: Are expired certificates in use

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CC-0003-01: Is the default UI certificate replaced

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CC-0004-01: Is Cloud Connector installed with mode installer

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-CC-0005-01: Are all backend systems trusted?

[FEATURE] Check: New PM-CC-0001-01: Is Cloud Connector on a recent version

[FEATURE] Check: New PM-CC-0002-01: Is JDK on a recent version

[FEATURE] Check: New EN-SS-0015-01: Is SSL activated for HTTP RFC destinations

[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks

[FIX] Report: Used columns for sort order of all lists are set the same

[FIX] Report: The chart for system type SAProuter is now displayed in the Scan statistics

[FIX] Scan comparison: Removed the option to save personalization to prevent loss of columns

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