Version 3.6.0

[FEATURE] Mitigation of SAP notes: New application to mitigate SAP notes
[FEATURE] Results for mitigation of SAP notes: New application to display the results
[FEATURE] System: New attribute to assign the system for mitigation
[FEATURE] Application settings: New attribute to assign a server group for mitigation
[FEATURE] Authorization: New role ESEC_SA_SATELLITE_MITIGATE for mitigation purpose
[FEATURE] System: New option to distribute the satellite mitigation role when creating an user
[FEATURE] Check: New CF-JC-0002-01: The server certificate of the HTTP provider must be enabled
[FEATURE] System context: The SAPControl context can recognize an enqueue replication server
[FIX] Check: Changed implementation for check PM-DB-0003-01 to solve read errors
[FIX] System: The created user in the satellite system is now of type Service
[FIX] System connection: The SID is filled in the description of SM59 for ABAP connections
[FIX] Authorization: The Protect4S authorization roles have been improved