Release 2307

11 July 2023

[FEATURE] Notification: Added an option to attach the scan results in the e-mail

[FEATURE] Check template: Option to update custom templates with new checks

[FEATURE] System Connection: Option to use SSL certificate for SAPControl connection

[FEATURE] System Connection: Improved performance when creating SAPControl connection

[FEATURE] Support: New forms for feature request and software defect in the launchpad

[FEATURE] Check: New security notes checks

[FIX] Check framework: Improved the checking of the implementation status of notes

[FIX] Check: SN-AS-0423-01: Textual correction in the description

[FIX] Check: SN-KS-0113-01: Textual correction in the description

[FIX] Check: CF-TM-0003-01: Updated because of SAP Security baseline 2.4.1

[FIX] Check: CF-JC-0006-01: Textual update in solution because of wrong text

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