Version 3.0.0

[FEATURE] Application: Official SAP add-on with deinstallation option

[FEATURE] System: A user with the correct role can be created in the satellite system

[FEATURE] System: The user role can be updated in the satellite system

[FEATURE] Note: New framework for checking SAP notes

[FEATURE] Quick setup: New application to perform a quick setup

[FEATURE] Project: The selected checks of a scan can be saved as a check template

[FEATURE] Check template: Option to import the checks of a scan

[FEATURE] Check template: Option to import from a file and export to a file

[FEATURE] Check framework: A system log entry (SM21) is written when a scan is started

[FEATURE] System: New field: Data sensitivity

[FEATURE] Welcome: New welcome application

[FEATURE] Check: 303 new ABAP security note checks

[FEATURE] Check: 85 new Java security note checks

[FEATURE] Check: 23 new Kernel security note checks

[FEATURE] Check: 21 new HANA security note checks

[FEATURE] Check: New AU-DU-0005-01: Standard MaxDB users with default passwords

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0037-01: Security policy: PASSWORD_LOCK_EXPIRATION

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0036-01: Security policy: MAX_PASSWORD_IDLE_PRODUCTIVE

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0035-01: Security policy: MAX_PASSWORD_IDLE_INITIAL


[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0033-01: Security policy: PASSWORD_HISTORY_SIZE


[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0031-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_DIFFERENCE

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0030-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_CHANGE_WAITTIME

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0029-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_UPPERCASE

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0028-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_SPECIALS

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0027-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_LOWERCASE

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0026-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_LETTERS

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0025-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0024-01: Security policy: MIN_PASSWORD_DIGITS

[FEATURE] Check: New CO-PP-0023-01: The security policy must contain all attributes

[FEATURE] Check: New EN-DE-0001-01: Is the SAP secure store default key changed

[FEATURE] Check: New PM-DB-0003-01: MSSQL patch frequency

[FEATURE] Check: New PM-DB-0003-06: SAP HANA patch frequency

[FEATURE] Check: New AT-GA-0004-01: Profile SAP_NEW assigned to users in Production systems

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0038-01: Are there DBCON table obfuscated password entries

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0007-02: Is XP_CMDSHELL deactivated in Sybase ASE

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0005-01: Is BUILTIN\Administrators group member of the sysadmin role

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0002-01: If MSSQL allows pw based logons, pw policy must be enforced

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0037-01: Additional DB2 accounts

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-DC-0036-01: Environment variable DB2DB6EKEY should not exist or empty

[FEATURE] Check: New CF-AV-0001-01: Is the SAP anti-virus scan interface configured

[FIX] System connection: In some cases the temporary connection was not deleted

[FIX] Authorization: The user role /ESEC/SA_PLANNER can create a check template

[FIX] System context: Improved reading the kernel information

[FIX] Application: Click on ERP-SEC logo will open the website

[FIX] Project: Toolbar is in read mode when the object is locked

[FIX] Launchpad: Information and support has it's own page

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